Ace Camera Club (Inc) Albany



Our club was formed in 2014 by a small group of Albany photographers who sought to move away from the traditional competitive model and establish a club, currently with in excess of fifty members that maintains a commitment to playing an active part in our community.

Since we began, we’ve been involved in many local activities ranging from providing photographic support for the 2014 ANZAC First Fleet commemoration, organising Youth education programs, supporting tourism, photographic archiving,  running street portrait studios at major community events and engaging with many local charities, organisations and individuals through our photography.

Throughout this time we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of the Connected Community concept and how important it is in maintaining a successful, healthy and progressive environment.

Photography and many other forms of art are proving to be an ideal focal point for members of the community to meet and work together to create a mutually supportive structure that is extremely effective.

The covid-19 pandemic has brought forward our plans to include people in the activities of our club independent of their location.   We’re currently in the process of setting up a permanent video studio at the Vancouver Arts Centre that will enable us to live stream events, workshops and meetings as well as record activities for later viewing.

ACE is keen to support local activities and events that contribute to the creation of opportunities and a stronger community environment.



Bob Symons
ACE Camera Club (inc)
‘The Annex’
85 Vancouver St.
Albany 6330
Ph: 0481 315 262
Email: [email protected]