Regional Men’s Health

Wheatbelt Mens' Health Inc and The Regional Men's Health Initiative


Wheatbelt Mens Health Inc. (WMH) is a not for profit organisation formed in 2002 to raise awareness of men’s wellbeing. We are based in Northam, covering the whole of regional, rural and remote WA. Since July 2010 WMH has been delivering The Regional Men’s Health Initiative.

Our emphasis is on men’s holistic wellbeing and health, which means dealing with the whole person and understanding problems/issues in the context of their life. When we consider the individual we believe we are more than just physical and mental beings, the often neglected element, is our “social/spiritual” wellbeing. We promote the requirement that it is important to know and understand the story behind our identity and what makes us an individual.

This program’s primary role is community education on men’s holistic health and wellbeing. This is delivered in three ways:

  1. Warrior Education Sessions

Where we talk about blokes physical, mental, and social/spiritual wellbeing.

  1. Fast Track Pit Stop

An interactive wellbeing, health awareness and listening tool that is themed around the servicing of a vehicle including:

  • Waist Measurement – (Chassis)
  • Blood Pressure – (Oil Pressure)
  • Coping Skills – (Shock Absorbers)
  1. Advocacy

Promoting the motto … before it all gets too much … Talk to a Mate!

Providing personal short term resilience & referral pathways.

Continuing to pioneer men’s holistic health and wellbeing at every opportunity.


The slogan “before it all gets too much…Talk to a Mate!!®” is the basis of all our initiatives. Mate-ship, empathy and the appropriate use of humour is the key to connectedness in our programs and presentations.

There is no cost for our programs to regional, rural and remote WA community events and we engage with men on their terms and go to where the blokes are.

For more information please contact one of our community educators on the details below, or clink the link to visit our website.

Tel: (08) 9690 2277
Email: [email protected]